Josephine Johnson & Rachel Hrdina

The girls & Silence of Our Presence

It’s Sunday night/ Monday morning; music equipment’s put away; laundry, dishes, kitty box, rotten refrigerator, shower clog finally handled (3 hours cleaning!); cats are sitting with me; KHSU’s softly in the next room, and the neighborhood’s less than a whisper.

Yes, this stillness inspires reflection on all the incredible people and circumstances in my life. Saturday’s CD release party was a blessing—a big successful blessing—and I’m thankful to be in the midst of such kind and supportive folks. Many helped make the evening come off without a hitch, and truly, I could not have done it without the help of my friends, fans, and colleagues. A big ‘thank you’ is due for sure.

Here goes:

Thanks to Old Town Coffee & Chocolates (Sky Miller = Radtacular) for having me—that space is always such a joy to share music in; my Arty-Pharty ladies, Leslie & Terri, for decorating and holding down the merch table; Nita Brake, (that’s really her name, and she recently retired from CALtrans, seriously.) thank you for passing the hat; Chris Wisner, for taking some fine photos, for taking that leap of faith to follow your heart and dreams, too; Arcata-based visual artist, Andrew Daniel, for use of his gorgeous artwork–CD cover art all his;  Mike Kapitan, for mixing and mastering the new CD—was such a pleasure to sit and work with you; KHUM 104.7 & 104.3 FM, Ferndale, CA, & Larry Trask—wailing sirens now sound a new, silly memory for me!; KHSU 90.5 FM, Arcata, CA, (support local public radio!) Katie Whiteside & Danielle—thanks for having me on the Homepage, thanks for making me comfortable; North Coast Journal, my sincerest thanks, you all, for the invite to play your 20th anniversary party—an honor that opened many doors for which I’m truly, truly grateful; all my band mates, Andrew Goff, Rachel, Hrdina, William Startare, you folks are so fun, uplifting, and supportive—luv ya so much, thank you for your time and skills; Lyndsey Battle, Sarah Torres, thanks for playing music with me!!!!; Ginger and Laura, the Soulful Sidekicks, so nice to see your smiling faces; Moss & Ray, thank you for driving all the way to Eureka to celebrate—your presence was a warm fuzzy for sure; thank you to everyone who showed up and made the evening such a good time—without an audience, there’d be no show. I’m honored and humbled you all came out.

I know I have missed many, but please know I am ever grateful for all the love and support I have received from the community for my music. Thank you so much.

Alright, don’t want to wax too Sally Field, here, so I’ll wrap.

This week is the Humboldt Folklife Festival in Blue Lake, and if I didn’t see you Saturday, maybe I’ll get to see you Tuesday night at the Emerging Songwriters Circle; Saturday I’m playing the festival, too. Come up and say hi—I’m working to overcome my weird tendency to be shy and awkward in groups greater than four, so if you say hi then I’m forced to get over myself   :)…or at least I’m trying to get over myself…we’ll see how that goes. ..I will still probably twist and shift a bit…or retreat and wash you dishes…

Lastly, today and all of this week I’ll be working with young people at the Young Writer’s Academy (a program of the Redwood Writing Project) at Humboldt State teaching songwriting and poetry.  This week, I get to work with young minds and all their fresh ideas, hope, and new perspectives–together we’ll be exploring the power of word, thought, and imagination and coming up with news songs.  I am so blessed!

See ya out & about.