Last week,  Meows-oh-cat-of-great-moxie made it into the weekly post. And with all her charm, insistence and smarts, she pulled one over on Willie.

Willie caught on, though, as soon as I began editing.

When he heard that portion of sound where I acknowledge Meows’ desire to be on the internet, Willie knew he missed out.

Last week’s video.

Shortly after, a  fur-flying, feline frenzy ensued –Willie supremely jealous that Meows had fuzzy-charmed her way onto the scene.  And  he was embarrassed, too, not to have figured out sooner the significance of being in the shot and the potential of being seen around the world.

Meows understood that from the beginning.


So we all talked and agreed that Meows and Willie would appear separately and at a significant interval from one another in this week’s post.  The arrangement seems to have worked as I’ve not found any more angry black wads of cat hair  matted in the carpet, couch or chair…for now anyway…Meows says she wants to sing… which is ok.    Willie writes.

This week the song’s called Monkey and it pays homage to Edgar Allan Poe.  Check it.