This one’s a quickie!

sunset, Qin Lings

Two weeks ago I braved the language barrier, took the local bus, and went to the Qin Ling Mountains. I was the only foreigner on the hour and a half journey. But on the ride, I met three very kind Chinese who let me tag along with them all day and most of the night. Again, I lucked into an incredible situation that led to an amazing adventure. With these three wonderful people, I experienced some of Shaanxi Province’s most beautiful mountains and rural landscapes. We traveled, shared a meal, climbed, and managed to make it back to Xi’an safely. Before 10:00 pm even.

at the top

The day had many stand-outs, but I think the best part was getting to see and hear the ‘luck bird.’ (Watch the video, you’ll see, or hear at the very least.) It followed us up the trail along the mountain’s switchbacks for twenty minutes or so–but be forewarned, the footage I got is not the best. It seems that as soon as I was determined to capture him on video, he went into stealth mode. Lucky elusive. Or maybe, I’m just not so good at birding, hiking, and filming at the same time. 🙂  But the audio is good. And it made my day, especially when my companions told me how lucky it is to see this bird.

sliding down

Birds, brave bus adventures, hiking, being outside—great stuff.  I must do these, often. For my sanity’s sake.

I filmed as  much as I could, edited, and even recorded a little guitar track for your viewing and listening pleasure.
I hope you enjoy.                            Love,   ~Josephine

p.s. Here’s last week’s Thanksgiving with my XISU students.

They are blessings, too.