the BIKE!

the BIKE!

by Josephine Johnson

Bike’s fixed (finally), tuned-up and ready for Eureka. Ah, being home. Since Has Beans is in the midst of management and ownership changes, Old Town Coffee & Chocolates would have to caffeinate this morning.

paul, rich & North Coast Journal

paul, rich & North Coast Journal. Coffee, conversation, catching-up--early morning in Old Town perfect for these.

Saint Paul and Spirit Rich are there, Jeff Katz, Paul from Scotch Wiggly, too— a few of the regulars I missed while teaching in China.

Paul (Saint not Wiggly) is reading a North Coast Journal. And so is Rich. And I have my camera. You know what’s coming, right?

Gratuitous self-promotion, keen product placement.

I wrote the cover story for this week’s North Coast Journal–if you’ve been following this blog, you’ll recognize facts and bits of information about China and its education system in the Journal. The piece focuses on two

Saint Paul

Saint Paul, click pic & go to Journal story 🙂

students, Mia and Sharpay, and explains their lives as students and how they came to be enrolled in Humboldt College, the joint venture between Humboldt State and Xi’an International Studies University.  Of course, there’re pics, too.

*Now, you all know I’m looking for a job—sure do like to write, take photos, sing and make music. So I put this out to God, the Universe, pranksters, agents, talent scouts, mystery mavens and anyone who might could use a deadline-adhering media person, songwriter, performer/ entertainer: I’m for hire.  And I’d love to tell YOUR story. I could sing it, photograph it. TELL it with creativity and compassion.

Enjoy the Journal. Get java Old Town Coffee & Chocolates. Listen to the wisdom of Paul. He shared a poem with me this morning that you should hear 🙂