Josephine at Universal Balance Studios, Arcata, California

Josephine at Universal Balance Studios, Arcata, California



Josephine Johnson is a California singer songwriter—by way of Indiana, Georgia, and China. She grew up in a small, Indiana farm town where the landscape taught her how to sing the stories of the people and places around her, where she learned about cold winters, government cheese, and being the underdog.

Josephine studied documentary film at Savannah College of Art and Design and went on to earn an MA in English from Humboldt State University. She spent a year in Xi’an, China, teaching university English and performing at pubs and coffee houses.

Josephine knows the LA performace circuit, too, having done multiple Monday night features at El Cid. Twice she has been a guest musician at Conrad Romo’s monthly Tongue and Groove at the Hotel Cafe. She’s also been featured musician at Isabel Storey’s “Shine”, a monthly evening of story telling in Santa Monica. Josephine’s played the Viper Room Lounge, House of Blues, and Pig ‘n Whistle in Hollywood. And she’s a road warrior, touring the I-5 and Central Coast corridors from Los Angeles to Portland.

Currently, Josephine Johnson is the 2016 Musician in Residence at the Westhaven Center for the Arts Josephine Johnsonwhere she’s researching and writing her next recording project about barns of Humboldt County, California. She divides her time among touring, Los Angeles, and Humboldt, her current recording project being a collaboration between her NorCal and LA production teams.

Josephine released her first album, Elemental, in 2010 while living in Eureka, California, and her second album, Let It All Out, in 2014. She’s writing and recording her next project for 2017.

Josephine Johnson loves bicycles.
And birds.



What some folks say:

“It’s like Goff always says, ‘Josephine’s music is like being snuggled in a neon pink electric blanket while sitting in a wing-back chair by a window, reading Calvin & Hobbes and looking down from your third story Portland apartment as the rain pelts the street below… on Christmas.'” – Mike Dronkers, KHUM

“Josephine Johnson’s voice glows. It will stop you in your tracks and send you into a warm reverie.”  –Joanne Rand